Prevence, podpora, poradenství

  P-centrum, spolek

P-centrum is one of the key organizations in social services in the Olomouc County. We help people in the Olomouc region (ca 636 500 inhabitants) and focus on two main problems:  

1) Family strengthening – long-term work with psycho-socially disadvantaged parents and their children aged 6–15 and primary prevention for schools and providing support for teachers.

2) Counselling, treatment and integration of persons endangered by drug dependence - Aftercare program with sheltered accommodation (transitional living); Outpatient counseling program for drug addicts, alcoholics and their relatives.



P-centrum, spolek
Lafayettova 47/9
779 00, Olomouc
Czech Republic
VAT: 60 80 32 91
Data Box: p46nwt
Email: info@p-centrum.cz
Tel: +420 585 221 983
GSM: +420 733 362 942
Open call for proposals!

We are looking for a long-term volunteer to our “gallery team” and social services.
Duration: 12 months
Beginning from 1. 9 – 31.12 2019

Funded by European Solidarity Corpse (former EVS).
If you think it‘s you please contact us immediately!
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